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100% NCAA graduation rate (71% federal)

Solving NCAA Basketball 1 And Done

Posted in my blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy.  This week Mark Cuban “shocked” (shocked! I say!) the sports world by suggesting that the   NCAA and its players would be better served going to the developmental league than spending one year in college and then going into the draft. I first heard about it on Mike and Mike in the Morning when Jeff Van Gundy mocked Cuban’s idea and said that it isn’t the NBA that should change, but universities, saying […]

Taking the field

Penn State Soccer season has begun

This past Friday the NCAA soccer season began. You know, what the rest of the world calls “football.” I have had the great privilege to take pictures of our PSU teams on the sidelines and starting today I will be the PA announcer for a handful of the women’s games. This community has been an incredible support and encouragement to us since Mack’s death and, as most readers will know, Penn State Men’s goalkeepers all […]

Those mild mannered Canadians are at it again

In 1993 I was accepted into a PhD program at the University of Toronto. My fiancée (now wife) and I drove out to the big T to look for apartments and interview for jobs. We met wonderful people in “the safest city in north America.”  And that night our car was stolen… But really, you lost a hockey series. (And yes, I feel like Jim West posting this, but c’mon! They’re Canadians for crying out […]

It’s football friends

I was very sorry to see our US team go out, but at least we can say it wasn’t the refs who stole it from us. This morning I am torn. We lived in England for 4 years and loved every minute of it (mostly), but I am also of German descent with cousins over there with whom I keep in close contact. It makes me wonder, who will Tilling root for?