Those mild mannered Canadians are at it again

In 1993 I was accepted into a PhD program at the University of Toronto. My fiancée (now wife) and I drove out to the big T to look for apartments and interview for jobs. We met wonderful people in “the safest city in north America.”  And that night our car was stolen…

But really, you lost a hockey series. (And yes, I feel like Jim West posting this, but c’mon! They’re Canadians for crying out loud! They are supposed to thank the Bruins and offer them Tim Horton’s and a cup of tea for the flight home.)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Rioting hockey fans clashed with police officers, set vehicles ablaze, smashed windows and looted stores and set several fires in downtown areas here on Wednesday night moments after the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals to the Boston Bruins.

Local hospitals reported eight people treated for stab wounds, according to Alyssa Polinsky, a spokeswoman for Vancouver Coastal Health, the regional hospital authority.

via Vancouver Fans Light Fires and Break Windows After Game 7 Loss –

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