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A good pastor

A couple of months ago I met with a retiring pastor, just to get caught up with one another. At one point as he was talking about wanting to help develop and form new ministers he said one of the simplest and perhaps most profound statements about being a pastor that I have ever heard.1 A pastor must first and foremost love their people. I was reflecting upon that because I was thinking about all the […]

Leading in loss

This was written for the students in our Presidential Leadership Academy. It is cliché to say that leadership comes in many forms, but of course it does. It also often comes upon us when we are not expecting or even wanting it. Such has been the case for my wife and I since our son died. We have unexpectedly become models for others in our loss. This is the kind of loss that no one should […]

Making a Positive and Lasting Difference

Written for our Presidential Leadership Academy blog. Life should be about making a positive difference in the world around you. That is the vision of our college: To educate men and women who will have an important and ethical influence in the world, affecting academic, professional, civic, social, and business outcomes. It is important that we specify “positive” and “ethical” when we talk about someone’s impact on the world. In fact, when I first arrived […]


We are now in the second year of the Presidential Leadership Academy at Penn State. It falls under my administration and I teach a course each spring for the Academy. Our focus is upon developing critical thinking skills as being crucial for good leaders. I have always felt a bit odd about teaching “leadership” per se and I have always eschewed those books that show Jesus as the ideal corporate leader (one is on my […]