Gettysburg – Photos and Lessons Learned

ReynoldsGen. ReynoldsPA InfantryPA InfantryCMB_0240CMB_0244
CMB_0283Red BarnCMB_0322CMB_0339CMB_0341CMB_0342
CMB_0355North Carolina MonumentNorth Carolina MonumentCMB_0383CMB_0404CMB_0413
CMB_0450Major General Gouvernor K. WarrenCMB_0460Approaching StormCMB_0486CMB_0506

Gettysburg, a set on Flickr.

Saturday we took our sophomore class of the Presidential Leadership Academy on a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Two retired colonels gave lectures on the history of the three days of battle and leadership lessons to be learned.

My take away: Lead the boss, but don’t slow roll THIS boss.

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