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The danger of praying in high places

From The Hammer of God by G. K. Chesterton. “I think there is something rather dangerous about standing on these high places even to pray,” said Father Brown. “Heights were made to be looked at, not to be looked from.” “Do you mean that one may fall over,” asked Wilfred. “I mean that one’s soul may fall if one’s body doesn’t,” said the other priest. “I scarcely understand you,” remarked Bohun indistinctly. “Look at that […]

Gettysburg – Photos and Lessons Learned

Gettysburg, a set on Flickr. Saturday we took our sophomore class of the Presidential Leadership Academy on a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Two retired colonels gave lectures on the history of the three days of battle and leadership lessons to be learned. My take away: Lead the boss, but don’t slow roll THIS boss.