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On the movie “Noah” and the film critic you should follow

I first “met” Peter Chattaway on an old school listserv for Daniel Amos, one of my favorite bands. He is a very accomplished film critic from the Great White North and is well worth following to read his take on movies, theology, and culture. (Be sure to check out his tear down of Star Trek: Not the Wrath of Khan, but really, It Is.) He has a number of articles about Noah, apparently a new movie […]

The Secret of the Kells

While most of my readers know that the Book of Kells is a gorgeously illuminated book of the Gospels, you know, those stories about JC and the Boyz, apparently the people who made the movie The Secret of the Kells felt all that was irrelevant. You may have already seen this movie and if you haven’t and are any fan of animation at all, see it now! The style of animation is almost story board-like […]

Movie Reviews – Bolt & The Day the Earthy Stood Still

I haven’t seen the Day the Earth Stood Still, but I loved this review. Highlight: Discussing the acting in “Earth” is something of an exercise in pointlessness — Reeves does a lot of wooden staring while speaking in a monotone, so at least he’s working within his skill set. You’d think Jennifer Connelly would turn down all “weepy scientist” roles after “Hulk,” but she’s once again drying tears on her lab coat. Young Jaden Smith […]