The Secret of the Kells

While most of my readers know that the Book of Kells is a gorgeously illuminated book of the Gospels, you know, those stories about JC and the Boyz, apparently the people who made the movie The Secret of the Kells felt all that was irrelevant. You may have already seen this movie and if you haven’t and are any fan of animation at all, see it now! The style of animation is almost story board-like with beautiful colors and movement. It evokes the style of Kells without mocking or mimicking. It is truly a stunning visual event.

But the movie has nothing to do with the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells was made by monks who were faithful followers of Jesus who produced this gorgeous manuscript out of love and devotion, yet this movie seems oblivious to that fact. At no point in the movie is reference ever made to what the book is actually about and aside from a handful of crosses and references to monastic titles, someone without prior knowledge of this amazing artifact would have no clue about its true nature. That is disappointing. Although I have seen the Book myself I know little of its true history and a little more of that and perhaps less of the fairy or even the Northmen would have been nice.

Still, I highly recommend the movie. B+

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