Targumic studies on Google Books

I received an email today from Bro. Larry Kelsey with a link to Pauli’s translation of Targum Isaiah on Google Books. The excellent suggestion was that I should add it to our links of targumic texts in English translation available over at the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies (which I have done).

That started me poking around and while I am sure this is old hat to many of you, I was amazed at how many books on the targumim, current and recent volumes, are readily available there! In full form! Including my own, The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations (although for some reason it is classified as “architecture”). Various volumes of the Aramaic Bible series are there and seem to be complete (some, like mine are listed as “limited preview” but with 5 minutes of poking around several volumes I didn’t find any missing pages). So if you are looking for quick access to various and important studies on targumic literature and don’t have a library to hand, be sure to check out Google Books.

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