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Escape Pod: The Insurance Agent

For those interested in new science fiction there is a great podcast I have mentioned before: Escape Pod. I have recorded two of their stories and the latest is somewhat religion related, “The Insurance Agent.” (WARNING: There is some strong language.) The relevant blog post from the site says, in part, Insuring Intelligence The human race is the smartest life form on the plant Earth. To some that statement is simple fact and to others […]

Jerusalem 2111

I have been thinking about the future of Jerusalem as part of a project for my class on leadership and critical thinking. I will share that another time, but I came across this video on Working out their own variation on the politically charged sci-fi subgenre pioneered by District 9, filmmakers David Gidali and Itay Gross inject a dark dose of civilian paranoia into an Israeli setting with their striking new short film, Secular Quarter #3. […]

Kings Saul and David in the Present and Beyond

I missed this when it was presented to Comic-Con and on Peter’s blog. Perhaps others have already noted it. But it certainly looks interesting enough to post here. Be sure to check Filmchat for all the details. Kings — a little bit biblical, a little bit sci-fi A few days late, this post, but better late than never, as they say. One of the many shows that had a panel at last week’s Comic-Con was […]

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother

I mentioned the other day that I have gotten my new BlackBerry Curve set up with Mobipocket to allow me to read books (and even some crude bookmarking and highlighting). See “Reading books on the go” for my rundown of apps and sites for downloading free books. One of the authors who is committed to making their works (or many of them) available for free is Cory Doctorow. You may know of him as the […]