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#savechuck Because it is the best program on TV

Today (or maybe not today) NBC will be making decisions about its fall lineup and apparently Chuck is on the chopping block. I was stunned to find this out. It is a fantastic show, the right amount of spy fun and cheeky humor. Apparently I am not alone in my hope that NBC will hear the cries and renew the show. It is true that I tend to watch it on Hulu since the air […]

Pushing the Jon Stewart button

This past weekend I posted a criticism of how Jon Stewart criticises (and handles criticism). The result surprised me a bit. I do not mind people disagreeing with me, quite the opposite! I enjoy the engagement, but I was surprised at how strongly folks are defending Stewart. My friend Rick put it nicely. I admit to some curiosity as to why some defend Stewart so passionately. Which is fine of course and people have done […]

Stirring the Jon Stewart pot

Apparently criticizing Mr. Stewart is a sure way to generate some interest. With this post I simply wanted to call reader’s attention to the thread of discussion that my previous post has spawned. To hopefully clarify my views just a bit, I offer this summation from my last comment. I like the Daily Show very much and find it very funny. I also think such shows are an important part of a society. (And the […]

Red Dwarf Reunion!

I was listening to Robert Llewellyn on Mac Break Weekly and he was talking about the upcoming Red Dwarf reunion! It will air on Dave TV in the UK, no word that I have read/heard about whether it will air in the US. I loved this show when we were in the UK, check YouTube for some episodes. Llewellyn also has a new video podcast of his own called “Car Pool” that looks like fun. […]

Robbie Maddison’s New Year’s Eve Jump

I love this sort of thing, crazy stunts involving powered vehicles. Surprisingly, the rest of my family including E and Iz also like this as a (new) Near Year’s Eve tradition. Red Bull sponsors it and ESPN has broadcast (is that the past tense?) it for two years in a row. We were riveted by Robbie Maddison’s amazing attempt to jump up ONTO the Arc de Triumph (in “Paris Las Vegas,” I giggled everytime they […]

SNL Censoring Skit

I watched this skit live and it was (in fact the whole episode) one of the funniest things SNL has done in a long time. (Tina Fey is great as Palin but I have never found her writing very funny. SNL has a long way to go to return to their heyday, but they are getting better.) But now it turns out that NBC took the video down! It lampooned Soros and other leading Democratic […]

Worthy of a made-for-TV movie

This is a touching story of an exceptional woman. Edith Macefield, 1921-2008: Ballard woman held her ground as change closed in around her Edith Macefield died at home, just the way she wanted. The Ballard woman who captured hearts and admirers around the world when she stubbornly turned down $1 million to sell her home to make way for a commercial development died Sunday of pancreatic cancer. She was 86. … In the last year […]