Red Dwarf Reunion!

I was listening to Robert Llewellyn on Mac Break Weekly and he was talking about the upcoming Red Dwarf reunion! It will air on Dave TV in the UK, no word that I have read/heard about whether it will air in the US. I loved this show when we were in the UK, check YouTube for some episodes.On The Street 1

Llewellyn also has a new video podcast of his own called “Car Pool” that looks like fun. His site is “Llewtube” or you can search for it on iTunes. In Car Pool Llewellyn simply drives some of his celebrity buddies around and records their conversations. Of the 4 that are currently up, one is Jonathan Ross. I have not seen any of them yet, but note they have an “explicit” tag. Those who follow the BBC know that Ross has a tendency to use colorful language. 😉

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