Mac User Advice – Nisus Writer or Mellel?

Nisus Writer Pro

I used Nisus Writer (the old one) for my doctoral thesis and book and before NW Pro for Intel came out I used Mellel and contributed to their beta. Both developers have always been very helpful and friendly. Now I am happily using NWP (even for most of my Word doc collaborations in the office), but I have not had to really pound the Aramaic/Hebrew/Syriac/Right-to-Left capabilities. Today I received a query from a colleague and wanted to throw this out to you all. Any advice for my friend? could use some advice on using Nisus vs Mellel on a Mac and which unicode font work best – I am editing a 900 page book on textual criticism by Dominique Barthelemy that has Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, and Arabic fonts on almost every page as well as  textual criticism symbols and characters. I have used Nisus in the past and am trying Mellel now but have found it hard to learn. Now I am faced with a choice between Nisus Writer Pro and Mellel and which font to select as the main font of the book and which fonts /electronic texts for the biblical texts (I use Accordance). I’d be grateful for any advice you could give me.

I look forward to the responses because this summer I begin in earnest my Targum Ruth project, including a transcription so I will be needing the same requirements.

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