Stirring the Jon Stewart pot

Apparently criticizing Mr. Stewart is a sure way to generate some interest. With this post I simply wanted to call reader’s attention to the thread of discussion that my previous post has spawned. To hopefully clarify my views just a bit, I offer this summation from my last comment.

  1. I like the Daily Show very much and find it very funny. I also think such shows are an important part of a society. (And the British do this better than the US, although “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” is pretty good too.)
  2. I generally like Jon Stewart as well.
  3. Shows like Crossfire, Mad Money, Hardball, and (especially) Olberman’s Countdown are not exempt from critique, far from it! (But, BTW, why hasn’t Stewart ripped into Olberman or Madow’s programs? They have some serious credibility issues too.)
  4. I simply find Stewart’s critiques disingenuous.

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