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Pushing the Jon Stewart button

This past weekend I posted a criticism of how Jon Stewart criticises (and handles criticism). The result surprised me a bit. I do not mind people disagreeing with me, quite the opposite! I enjoy the engagement, but I was surprised at how strongly folks are defending Stewart. My friend Rick put it nicely. I admit to some curiosity as to why some defend Stewart so passionately. Which is fine of course and people have done […]

Stirring the Jon Stewart pot

Apparently criticizing Mr. Stewart is a sure way to generate some interest. With this post I simply wanted to call reader’s attention to the thread of discussion that my previous post has spawned. To hopefully clarify my views just a bit, I offer this summation from my last comment. I like the Daily Show very much and find it very funny. I also think such shows are an important part of a society. (And the […]

Jon Stewart is doing it again

I was going to write about Jon Stewart criticizing other TV personalities for not doing their job properly while defending himself for similar attacks by hiding behind the “I am just an entertainer” feather boa. I was but my friend Richard Wright beat me to it and did a fine job of it. Jon Stewart tries to have it both ways (or) court-jester turned cheerleader-clown at Live the Trinity. [Jon Stewart] is trying to have […]