#savechuck Because it is the best program on TV

Today (or maybe not today) NBC will be making decisions about its fall lineup and apparently Chuck is on the chopping block. I was stunned to find this out. It is a fantastic show, the right amount of spy fun and cheeky humor. Apparently I am not alone in my hope that NBC will hear the cries and renew the show.

It is true that I tend to watch it on Hulu since the air time, 8 pm, is right when we are putting the kids to bed. Some have suggested (see the first link) that this means avoiding commercials, but Hulu does have commercials and I am happy to have them play through for the convenience of watching the show at my convenience. Some efforts to save the show even included a “Subway eat-in” to show support for a primary sponsor who had product placement within the show.

So I hope that they save Chuck. After all, now he knows kung fu.

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