St. Patrick and the Trinity

I could have sworn I had shared this before. Since tomorrow is Trinity Sunday, enjoy this example of the difficulty of explaining the Trinity. Courtesy of those crazy Lutherans!  

Jerusalem Explained in under 5 minutes.

Well, it is really just about the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock. Produced by Jorge Cham of PhD Comics. Archaeology Grad Student Nir Ortal explains the brief 3000 year old history of the Temple Mount in The Old City of Jerusalem. v  

Real Football 1

You all have probably seen this, I am sure Jim has, but it is too funny not to share.  

Shalom and Happy St. Patrick’s Day 5

This morning NPR ran a great piece about the¬†Loyal League of Yiddish Sons of Erin in New York City. Newspaper Excerpt On Loyal League’s Annual Banquet ” ‘Green bagels,’ assured Michael Mann, president of the Loyal League of Yiddish Sons of Erin. ‘They’re good if you acquire a taste for them. We’re kosher Irish.’ “What’s […]

“Let there be light” my TEDxPSU 2011 talk

It took a while, but it is finally up! The theme for the TEDxPSU conference was “Relics to Revolutions.” I was the host and MC so my talk was both a wrap-up and, I hope, a challenge. The challenge is to not only be innovative, but to be thoughtful as well.


“As God is my witness…”

We had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you did too.


A tribute to JoePa from Jason O

PSU Scholar alumnus Jason O was moved to write this tribute to our Coach. I wrote this for Joe Paterno’s family and the Penn State students and alumni. Hoping this music will help you work through the loss. Joe Paterno: you will be missed greatly.   Some say he was more the legend Some say […]

A Very Social Christmas

Sweet but not too schmaltzy. Just right for this season.    

Jimmy Fallon Sings The “Reading Rainbow” song as Jim Morrison

Just too good not to share.  

Why would you want to study Lamentations?

Good question and Benj has a response.