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The power of O at TED Conferences

This is not about Oprah. CHE has a very interesting little piece about presentations given at TED conferences. He contrasts two speakers, one who “got the whole nerdy hipster thing going” and another who wore a blazer (but cut brains into thin slices like deli meats. I was the MC for TEDxPSU last year at Penn State and I may offer a presentation this year, so I have been thinking about what makes a good […]

My TEDx Talk – Attend. Listen. Enlighten.

I had the honor and privilege to host the TEDxPSU conference that occurred on 10/10/10. As host I was not given a slot to speak rather I had 60 seconds to transition from one speaker to the next. I decided to take the liberty of sneaking a talk in after all, one “toot” at a times, a brief sentence fragment during each of the 22 transitions. At the end, by request, I read the whole […]