A tribute to JoePa from Jason O

PSU Scholar alumnus Jason O was moved to write this tribute to our Coach.

I wrote this for Joe Paterno’s family and the Penn State students and alumni. Hoping this music will help you work through the loss. Joe Paterno: you will be missed greatly.


Some say he was more the legend
Some say he was more the man
But the way it feels inside this valley
It’s clear we’ve got a hero on our hands


Goodbye JoePA
Everyone’s chanting your name
They’re waving white and blue
It’ll never be the same


Goodbye JoePa
We had a good run it’s true
And when we’re waving white and blue
We’ll be thinking about you


He’s not a long list of records

He’s not a statue or the buildings that he gave
He’s a whole lot more than an idea
And you can feel it in all the lives that he changed


People lined up on the sidewalks
And they’re crowded out into the streets
Everyone wants to bid farewell
And say “hey coach,
You’ll live on in our memories”

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