Escape Pod: The Insurance Agent

For those interested in new science fiction there is a great podcast I have mentioned before: Escape Pod. I have recorded two of their stories and the latest is somewhat religion related, “The Insurance Agent.” (WARNING: There is some strong language.) The relevant blog post from the site says, in part,

Insuring Intelligence

The human race is the smartest life form on the plant Earth. To some that statement is simple fact and to others it sounds incredibly arrogant. Yet no one can deny the progress we’ve made scientifically in the last few centuries and with breakthrough technologies emerging quicker and quicker, very few claim to know where we are going.

However I claim to know where we should go and that place is outer space. So much of our science fiction draws upon the possibilities of what we could find beyond our own atmosphere. For example in Escape Pod 309: The Insurance Agent a significant portion of humanity had come to believe that intelligence beings come from somewhere other than Earth to embody the influential members of the human race such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Jean D’arc, Elvis, and Madonna.

I hope you will enjoy this particular story, but if you like SciFI at all, be sure to give Escape Pod a listen.

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