Dating all over again

I am discovering what some of you probably already know. Having a pre-teen (and I suspect teenage) daughter is like dating all over again. I worry, will she like me? Will she be my friend on Facebook? Why won’t she return my calls? I of course know that I cannot be too needy, otherwise she will shut me out and think I am a creep, but I need to show enough affection and attention so that she knows I am sincere. And what do I wear? I have to be cool, but not too cool.

Anyone else feel this way? Love is worth it, of course, but we are just beginning and I am not sure my nerves can take it. 😉 Fortunately, as when I was dating her mother, she is definitely worth it! It also helps that our son is 6 years old, which is so different that it balances things out. We can just go play Star Wars Lego Wii or soccer and all is right with the world. All in all, I am a very bless man and I am so thankful for them both and my bride, their mother.

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