The Gulf Coast

Gustav Projected PathAs most of you know, my wife and I lived in the New Orleans area for 9 years and were there during and after Katrina. My wife still works as a media consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and has been very busy this week, helping them work through their plans for Gustav.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Katrina and no one wanted to celebrate it by preparing for another storm. Gustav has already taken at least 71 lives in the Caribbean and everyone is watching carefully what will happen. Tulane is closed, as are most other schools, and evacuations have begun. Please keep everyone along the Gulf in your thoughts and prayers. New Orleans and the schools like Tulane would not be able to recover from another major hurricane, but no one can afford such a storm. The best hope is for some remote location for landfall and that does not seem to be in the forecast. Please pray.

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