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The Vespa!

The Vespa LX50, Gap version has arrived! I went to pick it up today (and pay tax, tags, registration, assembly fee…a free prize is never free, oh and insurance) and rode it home! In the rain. It is only 49cc and barely made 25 mph uphill, but screamed to 45 mph downhill. The worst wasn’t the rain but the backsplash from the cars in front. Now, for a few pictures. Click on them for bigger […]

IsseRuth – A Blog about Club Penguin

My daughter (10 years old) has entered the blogging world! (*Sniff* I am so proud!) Her blog is about Club Penguin and other interests of hers such as Harry Potter and it can be found here: IsseRuth So, if you or your child is looking for tips and hints about CP then head on over! We will begin posting podcasts shortly (and in a few minutes I will link back to a podcast she did […]

Rehoboth Beach

PSU entered spring break yesterday and the fam and I are at my in-laws for a long weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE. It is a dark and stormy day but they sun is peaking through now and then. I think I have some striking pictures. When I get them up I will post one and a link to Flickr.  

“But I don’t wanna go!”

This morning out daughter is pitching a fit about going to church. She is 10 and the truth is that I can remember quite well doing the same thing to my parents. They made me go to church and we are making her come with us. Lately E and I have been talking about how we raise our children with respect to things like drinking (alcohol of course, not just ordinary imbibing) and sex. We […]

We won! Thanks to you!

A while back I posted this article about the video that we (me, my family, and the rest of my wife’s family, or most of it) made in NYC. It was sponsored by the Gap and Yahoo! and the prize was to win a Vespa. We won! You voted and we won! Thanks so much! You can see the winning videos here (and ignore the name on “The Walmas,” that is our video). I received […]

Wii got it!

(Thanks to Matt for the better blog post title). My in-laws are in town this weekend for an early Christmas and came bearing not just gifts but THE gift. A Wii. My daughter, as you can see, is a bit excited. And so am I. 🙂 Bowling is quite fun, but I found it tough to hit the baseball. Clearly I need more practice. So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, you […]

Christmas Greeting Competition

What would Christmas be without competition? When we were in NYC we saw and participated in Gap & Yahoo’s Christmas Greeting video. You can go online and vote for your favorite, unfortunately they do not offer any easy way to share (other than email) the video. So, if you have some time to kill and what to hear me say “two fuzzy balls”: Go to Click on “Search & Share” Select Event and Time: […]

Where I Work at Home

Things are still incredibly busy around here. I had to run down to Philly for a dinner Tuesday night (and back by 1 am), meetings almost all day every day, and getting ready for my ordination on Saturday. My folks and grandmother come into town today for my niece’s first PSU swim meet (Go Heather!) so we cleaned up and tidied up things last night. First on our list was the play room. E and […]

Audio Book! The Unlikely Missionary

Some of you all know that my wife has written a novel, The Unlikely Missionary. Well last night we began recording her audio version of the novel. The Prologue is up and it will all soon be available through iTunes. This is a story about a young college graduate woman who goes to West Africa (Burkina Faso) and has a “coming of age” experience as she confronts God and her past. It would make a […]

New Toy: Sony Alpha

I am sorry I have not written many posts lately. This weekend, in addition to being the first home football game at PSU (we beat FIU 59-0) my folks came up for an early birthday dinner. The official day is next Sunday, when we will all be watching PSU beat Notre Dame! Since my folks came early, we opened my present from them: a Sony Alpha A100. That is a 10.2 digital SLR. I was/am/will […]