The Vespa!

The Vespa LX50, Gap version has arrived! I went to pick it up today (and pay tax, tags, registration, assembly fee…a free prize is never free, oh and insurance) and rode it home! In the rain. It is only 49cc and barely made 25 mph uphill, but screamed to 45 mph downhill. The worst wasn’t the rain but the backsplash from the cars in front. Now, for a few pictures. Click on them for bigger images at Flickr.
Scooter 2
The scooter itself. Note the Gap stripe motif. You will recall that we won this in a Yahoo!/Gap competition this past Christmas.
Seat up - Checking helmet compartment
The seat flips up to store the helmet and various other items. But NOT pets! You have been warned:
Warning! No Pets!
And finally, the rebel without a clue and his girl.
Born to be wild!

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