Audio Book! The Unlikely Missionary

Some of you all know that my wife has written a novel, The Unlikely Missionary. Well last night we began recording her audio version of the novel. The Prologue is up and it will all soon be available through iTunes. This is a story about a young college graduate woman who goes to West Africa (Burkina Faso) and has a “coming of age” experience as she confronts God and her past. It would make a great novel for a woman’s study group 😉 hint, hint.

The podcast will be free, a chapter is available as a pdf from her site, and the book itself is fairly reasonable cost as well. So please drop by and give the Prologue a listen (it is only 12 minutes) and let Elizabeth know what you think! New chapters will go up every other week.

Audio Book!

Starting immediately I will begin offering an audio version of the novel The Unlikely Missionary. I will make chapters available every other week until the whole novel is complete. There will be no charge, I just ask that you let others know about this site and the novel.

Subscribe via iTunesYou may either listen to the chapters from within each post, download from the link included in the post, or (once iTunes updates) receive an automatic update by subscribing to the podcast via iTunes. (Link will be provided shortly.)

The first chapter available is the Prologue.


(Via The Unlikely Missionary.)

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