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I am trying this out for our Schreyer site. It is a forum plugin for WordPress by XDWeb. So feel free to click on the “Forums” tab above or go to this link and start a conversation!


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3 thoughts on “New! Forums

  • Jim

    Hey Chris,

    Well I’m fascinated by the concept of a forum link on the blog but I don’t know how to go about adding it. Is it something that means I have to host my blog on my own server (which I don’t know how to do in any event) or is it something that I add to WordPress or what?


  • Jim

    Hey again Chris,

    Well I’ve looked at the WP FAQ and they don’t permit plugin uploads anyway. But it does look a cool tool. For those of you capable of using it!


    Best as always

  • cbrady

    Hi Jim. Yes, I think you need to be hosting your own blog. It is not as hard as you might think (assuming you already have a host, I use 1and1 and I am very happy, check the link on the bottom left, $7/month with oodles), but it does take some research and set up. Once it is up, it is easy as pie!