The first (and last?) “podcast”

UPDATE: As you can see from Cole’s comments below, there is software that works with mic! It is available from the Samson site here and… I am still working with it. See Cole’s blog on using this mic here.

Actually, this is just an audio file because, as my brother will quickly tell all, a true “podcast” (or “netcast” according to Mr. Laporte), because I do not have it set up with an RSS feed. FWIW, for those looking for an alternative to podcast and don’t like netcast, I like audcast.

I have already started podcasting on the SHC site and I encourage you to take a listen over there to find out more about the Schreyer Honors College. But in getting going on this I found that the tools are…well not always what they seem. So here is my brief review of the Samosn C01U USB Studio Condensor Mic.

Feel free to leave your comments about how I do not understand audio equipment; just make sure it is educational. 🙂

If all goes well, you should see the link below. (It worked!) Nope. It hasn’t worked. I will play with it later. Until then, the file can be downloaded directly here. It works! (I had to disable the tracing features of podcast.) Download it into iTunes to see the added graphical goodies. 😉

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