Good Mic, Lame User 1

The mic is fine. It is good. The user needs help, sleep, or just to get a brain.


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One thought on “Good Mic, Lame User

  • Cole

    Cool! Don’t beat yourself up … it is just yet another example of how computers are not quite there yet. Why would you have to know that the way to make it all work is to tweak settings. How about an OS that could say to you, “I see you plugged in your Mic, why don’t I make it work for you?” Not that I would want messages popping up on my screen telling me things all the time — you know like Wondows does. All I am saying is that it should be the hardware’s responsibility to tell the software it is time to get it together and work for us.

    The sound is really good. So it works fine without the little add in software? That is great! Maybe in 10.4.8 they fine tuned the audio capabilities? Who knows, but I’m glad you got it worked out!