Not Necessarily the Daily Show

Comedy Central apologizes for duping 2 professors in separate incidents

It wasn’t the Daily Show, but close.

“A top official at the Comedy Central television station has apologized on behalf of the members of a fictitious news crew who misrepresented themselves to two faculty members during separate tapings of a forthcoming series called Dog Bites Man. (for subscribers)”

Mr. Smoller, one of the faculty members duped, offered this choice quote while commenting upon the “chilling effect” this might have on faculty inviting guest lecturers:

“They’re pissing in our pool, and I can’t have that,” he said. “I think I’m representing all faculty members, and I’m hoping that other people will join the cause.”

Nice. Well, at least we know that we can speak Comedy Central’s language. Now, can we beat them at their own game? Perhaps a psychology grad student posing as an CC intern?

(Via – Today’s News.)

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