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Lauren Rossen, “The Busy Body” has posted an updated review of Arnal’s

The Symbolic Jesus I have not read the book, but obviously I need to.


The Symbolic Jesus is an important book that, while containing objectionable inferences along the way, makes the reader ask the right questions for the right reasons, just as Schweitzer’s classic did a century ago. Liberal agendas have involved self-portraits, and they’re easy to spot. Orthodox agendas deal with apologetics, and they’re also hard to miss. But somewhere in between lurk new and murky agendas relating to the question of our identities — academic, political, religious, and cultural — and the front for these agendas is, of all things, Jesus’ Jewishness. A curious development, to say the least.

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  • The Professor

    So what is the implication from this author? That somehow exploring the Jewishness of Jesus means one has a ‘hidden’ agenda? I take it learning isn’t enough of an agenda?