Winner! Most misleading post title (or The Virgin STD)

Loony Fundamentalist points us to an article on the important study that shows that 26% of American teenage girls have at least one STD. But was it for humor or a simple error that led to this nonsensical post title:

Scientific Researchers: Abstinence causes the spread of STDs

Abstinence-only sex education programs may lead to increased cases of STDs, as pointed out in the article, but abstinence itself, while it may lead to lots of things (lonely nights, awkward dates, and…well, I don’t really need to relive high school, do I?), will not lead to STD since it is missing the S. 🙂

(And while I do not want to post it here myself, I will point you to a very funny Harry Potter-themed comic on the topic. Don’t worry, it is not too rude. Just a bit Tilling, is all.)

(Via Looney.)

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