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Technology, Tenure, and Peer review

My brother Steve and his friend Tony Pittman have a technology podcast called Real Tech for Real People. After the show there is often further discussion and after Episode 62 Steve and I stayed on the line to discuss the issues raised during SBL regarding the role of online biblical studies in promotion and tenure and my proposal. As anyone who know us (or have siblings of their own) might guess Steve and I have […]

SBL call for papers – New Rules

The call for the call for papers from SBL yesterday and with it the announcement of new policies. I think they are quite reasonable and should help answer some of the questions and concerns about quality/quantity raised in recent years. This will also mark the first year of the reunification of DDR-BRD AAR-SBL with the welcome news that “the concurrent meetings will encourage the organizations’ members to freely attend each other’s programs and events.” (Emphasis […]

ePublished Bible Dictionary?

My research assistant sent me this notice. Given all our discussion of epublishing (and tenure) he wondered whether this is a good investment of his time. I wonder that as well. And what of the quality of the project? I know, having contributed many articles myself, that dictionaries are often made up of entries created by diligent grad students but what do you all think of this project? Is this a good example of the […]

What would you put on a roof?

The Jerusalem Post (in a section that is in this instance oddly titled “Iranian Threat”) reports that Google Earth images reveal that the Iran Air headquarters has a Star of David on its roof. The building was built prior to the revolution by Israeli engineers and the Jewish symbol has gone unnoticed for over 30 years. Putting images on roofs in hopes that Google Earth will capture it is a recent phenomenon so clearly these […]

Podcast – Robert Cargill, SBL 2010 Blogger & Online Publication

This is the final podcast from the 2010 SBL session on blogging and online publication. The presenter is Robert Cargill. S22-209 Blogger and Online Publication 11/22/2010 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM Room: A702 – Marriott Marquis Theme: The Past, Present, and Future of Blogging and Online Publication Robert R. Cargill, University of California-Los Angeles, Presiding Introductory Remarks James Davila, University of St. Andrews-Scotland What Just Happened:  The rise of “biblioblogging” in the first decade of the […]

Apple’s AirPlay – The good and the oops!

iOS 4.2 update for iOS devices came with some much hyped features. AirPrint, unless you have one of three printers, is effectively DOA, while AirPlay “just works.” In fact, AirPlay works a little too well. The premise is simple. You can have the audio or video from your iPad or iPhone stream to either your AirPort Express attached to a stereo (as I have it) or to your AppleTV. Video and music work great on […]