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More news on the Logos Bible Dictionary

Again, this was forwarded to me by my grad assistant. You may recall the earlier discussion about Logos’ intent to create a new, electronically published Bible dictionary and the questions raised regarding editorial oversight and exploitation of graduate students. The final details have come in. Thanks for contacting me. Here’s a bit more about the online Bible dictionary: This Bible dictionary is intended to fill the niche between popular-level and academic resources by providing in-depth […]

ePublished Bible Dictionary?

My research assistant sent me this notice. Given all our discussion of epublishing (and tenure) he wondered whether this is a good investment of his time. I wonder that as well. And what of the quality of the project? I know, having contributed many articles myself, that dictionaries are often made up of entries created by diligent grad students but what do you all think of this project? Is this a good example of the […]