What would you put on a roof? 6

Photo by: Google Earth

The Jerusalem Post (in a section that is in this instance oddly titled “Iranian Threat”) reports that Google Earth images reveal that the Iran Air headquarters has a Star of David on its roof. The building was built prior to the revolution by Israeli engineers and the Jewish symbol has gone unnoticed for over 30 years. Putting images on roofs in hopes that Google Earth will capture it is a recent phenomenon so clearly these engineers were indulging in a private amusement by including the Star on the building that is in Teheran’s Revolution Square.

So if you were to make a statement by putting an image on your roof for Google Earth and the world to see what would you put up there?


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6 thoughts on “What would you put on a roof?

  • Josh Rhone

    A church that we had at one point attended decided to place their logo atop their roof for this very reason.

    Since we live in a parsonage, we don’t have the opportunity to do anything like this at the present time. However, I am tempted to place a “For Sale” message (with my contact info) atop the roof of our house in West Chester, OH.

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  • Lee McCardle

    Last year, with sidewalk chalk, I drew a 12-feet wide clock face on our back driveway. My motive was to teach our young grandchildren how to tell time. Imagine my surprise, when a satellite photo of that clock later appeared on Bing!!!