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Accordance for iOS is out NOW

In yesterday’s post I commented that it was coming soon, well by evening it was released and available in the App store. Accordance for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is now available for FREE. I only saw it at 11:30 pm so I have had little time to play with it but I have very good first impressions. Best of all, if you log in with your account you can use their “Easy Install” feature to […]

Accordance on the iPad

In order to make sure I have access to my files and programs on the road I set up VNC on my office MacPro. This is all built in to the MacOS (and Win XP and 7 I believe) but not into the iPad. After much deliberation I purchased iTeleport for $24.99. Wow! Very cool. It takes a bit of getting used to because your finger is working like a mouse rather than as in […]