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So there has been a LOT of discussion about how much the fact that SBL charged for projectors at the conference, some of it very humorous. In another post I commented that we really are focusing our blame on the wrong folks regarding the cost of the projectors. It is the hotel and convention venues who set those rates which are often extremely high because of union contracts. Not everyone believed me and I did have some figures incorrect. Charlie Haws has provided me with the correct numbers.

  • The labor costs this year were over $38,000.
  • The total bill for A/V costs came to over $100,000 for the convention.
  • “The fee structure reduced costs slightly at first because it eliminated some (assumedly unnecessary) requests, but it did not change the habit of late changes and requests, which pushed the bill right back up.”
  • Only 10% of presenters use A/V equipment (not 20% which I suggested before).

So only 10% of those presenting (which is itself a subset of all those paying to attend the convention) result in an additional $100,000 to the total cost of the conference. That is not a paltry sum. I can understand why they are seeking ways to subsidize the cost.


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3 thoughts on “How much for that projector?!

  • Justin

    I’m a bit confused. Why would one need to pay extra for that service? Shouldn’t each conference room be outfitted with a projector anyway? In that case, there would be no need for a “technician”.
    Nevertheless it sounds as if they were needed. I would much prefer a presentation involving A/V than one which did not. But, that’s my 2cents.

  • Christopher Heard

    Justin, conference-hosting hotels need maximum flexibility in the way they configure their space, in order to accommodate a wide variety of uses. In many cases, the “rooms” are not even permanent rooms, but different configurations of a variable space. Installing projectors permanently in these spaces is impractical from the hotel management’s point of view. It’s not like installing ceiling projectors in a college classroom or boardroom.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      Thank you for replying Chris, I had not yet had the time to do so and you are completely correct of course.

      Justin, the point about the technical support and labor costs is that one is required to pay those fees even if their service is not required due to union contracts. So I have been at events and sponsored events where we supplied our own technology and technical support yet still had to pay exorbitant fees due to policy and unions.