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Are faculty the enemy?

I certainly don’t think so. This is a nice, short little piece┬áby an assistant professor of economics at Rhodes College. While I think his comments are reasonable and good for students to read, it is the comments that are more interesting, IMHO. First, the article. Some highlights include: First, I do not “take off” points. You earn them. The difference is not merely rhetorical, nor is it trivial. In other words, you start with zero […]

2011 Spring Medals Ceremony

Last weekend we conferred Scholars’ Medals on over 360 students who were graduating with Honors from Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College. I usually do not share my speech, but this time was special. I share it here along with my sincere congratulations to all our Scholar graduates. I could not be more proud. 2011 Spring Medals Ceremony Good afternoon Scholars, Parents, Trustees, President Spanier and Provost Erickson, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations to […]

SBL Official Response re Student Presenters

I have looked for this on the official SBL site but I cannot find it posted there (I didn’t look all that hard). The letter was sent to me by my research assistant and given the discussion following my earlier post I thought I should share it here. I doubt that John would mind. Dear Student Member: The particular opportunities and challenges facing student members deserve focused attention. The Society of Biblical Literature is committed […]