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More on the new online Dead Sea Scrolls project

The IAA and Google partnership that has resulted in the the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library received a lot of press (and blog attention) when first released a few weeks ago. Now, on the IOQS Facebook page Shani Tzoref ask for this additional help from us on the project as it enters phase two. Shani Tzoref On the IAA digital library again… the IAA is about to start working on Phase 2 of […]

Call for Papers – Qumran Sessions this Summer

I received this from Eibert Tigchelaar. A lot of great sessions and conferences in exciting places. Too bad I will be at home trying to get a book in hand. The post is long so be sure to click through. Information on Qumran sessions at the SBL London (and EABS Thessaloniki) Summer 2011  — sent to the IOQS mailing list SBL 2011 INTERNATIONAL MEETING London, United Kingdom Meeting Begins: 7/4/2011 Meeting Ends: 7/8/2011 Call For Papers Opens: 10/1/2010 […]

Dead Sea Scrolls to be digitized…again

When I was working on my doctorate at Oxford I scanned ALL the existing photos of the scrolls at an amazing 300dpi for the first ever CD-ROM published by OUP, Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library. If anybody could be forgiven for missing the deadline to opt out of the Google Books settlement, it’s probably the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Israel Antiquities Authority has tapped Google to digitize the famous texts, one of […]

Palestinian Authority Officials ask Canada to Seize Dead Sea Scrolls

For some reason the most recent Royal Ontario Museum exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls has ignited a lot of debate. The most recent headline to cross my digital threshold was one I had not heard before (but I don’t look for these things as a rule). They make some interesting arguments, perhaps fueled by the debate over the Elgin Marbles. From The National, a UAE paper: The problem for Palestinian Authority officials, who contacted ROM […]

CS Lewis on “Gabriel’s Vision”

I just came across this blog today, “Further Up & Further In: A C.S. Lewis & Inklings Resource Blog,” by Dr. Bruce L. Edwards of Bowling Green State. Others may know of him already, I did not, but his info looks impressive and sound and the site looks very interesting. He certainly offers a great and relevant quote from Prof. Lewis relating to recent “Dead Sea Stone.” Resurrecting Old Myths July 7th, 2008 by Bruce […]

Cook’s article on 4Q246 available

This is a great article and glad that it is now available for free online! More Terrific Scholarship From Me I see (HT: that an article of mine from a while back, “4Q246,” is available in several formats from the Institute for Biblical Research website. If you’re really interested, you can also read John Collins’ article attacking my conclusions. Both were originally published in the Bulletin for Biblical Research. 4Q246 is the fragment that […]

Helsinki Summer School – Qumran Movement in Second Temple Judaism

I just received a note from Finnish colleague Hanne vaon Weissenberg promoting Helsinki’s Summer School (“Thinking Allowed,” but apparently not mandatory? 😉 ) course on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The full description can be found here, but the key elements are these: ORGANISER: The University of Helsinki , Department of Biblical Studies DATES: 5-21 August 2008 PRICES: Read more [ominous!] CREDITS: 6 ECTS COORDINATOR: Mr Mika S. Pajunen, mika.pajunen(at) One of the most fascinating ancient […]

Deconstructing the Scroll Scholars?

Some of you may have seen this article from BAR already. It is very curious. The author is Edna Ullmann-Margalit and is “professor of philosophy and director of the Center for the Study of Rationality at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also author of Out of the Cave: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Dead Sea Scrolls (Harvard Univ. Press, 2006).” The article, “Dissecting the Qumran-Essene Hypothesis,” is not a critique of the various […]

Review – Daniel Falk’s Parabiblical Texts

The latest Review of Biblical Literature is out. I wanted to point out a review of my good friend Daniel Falk’s latest work. (We must do something about the price of books….) The Parabiblical Texts: Strategies for Extending the Scriptures among the Dead Sea Scrolls Falk, Daniel K. $110.00 New York: T&T Clark, 2007 pp. xii + 189 Hardcover Series Information Companion to the Qumran Scrolls/Library of Second Temple Studies, 8/63 Description: This book introduces the […]

Emanuel Tov Profiled by Apple Computer

I am proud to say that I scanned all of the DSS images for the first OUP/Brill CD-ROM (and edited the database) while a graduate student. The scanning was all done on an Apple machine (a Macintosh IIfx, if I recall correctly) and a rotating monitor. About 1/3 of the images had been scanned when I arrived, but by then we had moved from 150dpi to 300dpi so they all had to be rescanned. Talk […]