More on the new online Dead Sea Scrolls project

The IAA and Google partnership that has resulted in the the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library received a lot of press (and blog attention) when first released a few weeks ago. Now, on the IOQS Facebook page Shani Tzoref ask for this additional help from us on the project as it enters phase two.

Shani Tzoref

1QS col. 1On the IAA digital library again… the IAA is about to start working on Phase 2 of the project. If anybody has any further requests, critiques, or any feedback to offer, whether general or specific, please contact me here, or preferably, via the site: (via “Contact Us”, or by leaving a Comment on a particular image)

The launch of our first version was exciting, but I envision a much more comprehensive and useful resource. In order to help actualize my vision, and to represent the academic community at upcoming meetings, it will be helpful for me to be able to report about specific reactions from scholars.

Just one small example– my request to include the capability to search by PAM numbers was unsuccessful for version 1. I’d like to demonstrate the need for this.


I mentioned on Jim West’s blog a little bit of Brady Trivia: While working on my doctorate I scanned (and in some cases rescanned those that had already been scanned) all the images for Brill’s first DVD volume of the DSS The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library, Vol. 1 (Dss Electronic Reference Library , Vol 1). (I also had to edit thoroughly the database that went with it.) It is part of what kept us afloat while working on my doctoral thesis. It was an interesting, if repetitive, project and whenever I hear BBC Radio 4 programs I am taken back to that converted barn in Yarnton, Oxon.

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