C.S. Lewis College Established

I am not sure how I feel about this (not that they asked me, of course). I just wonder what Lewis himself would say. They certainly have a tremendous looking campus and I am sympathetic to a great books approach, but such a curriculum runs the risk of being too narrow, academically speaking, for today’s world. I am pleased that they seem to be taking a very broad approach within the Christian context, as seems fitting for a community named after Lewis.

The C.S. Lewis Foundation has long envisioned establishing C.S. Lewis College in the U.S. as a fully accredited Christian institution of Great Books and Visual and Performing Arts. That vision is now about to become a reality as plans move forward to launch C.S. Lewis College on the beautiful campus in Northfield, Massachusetts, recently acquired for this purpose from Northfield Mount Hermon School. This property has been purchased for the use of C.S. Lewis College by Hobby Lobby, a privately held retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, OK.

Subject to securing all appropriate approvals, C.S. Lewis College currently plans to commence instruction in Fall 2012.

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