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I was sent an email with a series of questions for an interview for a local magazine. I thought some might be interested in how I responded to the questions. 1. Was it difficult to leave New Orleans given all that’s happened there? It was. In fact, we evacuated to my brother’s home in OH. He is a PSU grad, as is his wife, and he is now on the faculty in Harrisburg, but he […]

Books from SBL

I am fortunate that although I have less time for research due to my administrative duties I do have a research budget. Thus…books! (The average 45% SBL conference discount helped.) A quick list: Conversations with Scripture: The Law, by (our own bibliobloger!) Kevin Wilson. This series of the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars looks very interesting. Thanks for putting me on to it Kevin! The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader (Vol 1-6), by Parry and Tov […]

Going potty…

Any time you can use the phrase “Going Potty in the Ancient World” I think it is worth noting. Going Potty at Qumran: Evidence of Latrines Discovered (GPAT 4) A recent news release on Eureka Alert summarizes a forthcoming article in Revue de Qumran on a remote latrine site discovered at Khirbet Qumran. This is the fifth in a series of posts (some more serious than others) on “Going Potty in the Ancient World.” My […]

If you really need the targumim, use Accordance

I am not sure how I missed this post from last week and most of my audience already knows about Accordance, but if you don’t and you use a Mac (or get a Mac if you want ot use the best Bible software out there) check out Accordance. Their targum, Qumran, and rabbinic modules, and really all of them, are great and they have an incredibly responsive development team. I think Ed did some of […]

Call for Papers: 5th International Organization for Targumic Studies

From Paul Flesher, our IOTS President: The Fifth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS) is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, 12-13 July 2007, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will be held in conjunction with the XIXth Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) in Leiden during 15-20th July 2007. As with past meetings, registration and accommodations will be arranged through the IOSOT, whose website is located at: […]