If you really need the targumim, use Accordance

I am not sure how I missed this post from last week and most of my audience already knows about Accordance, but if you don’t and you use a Mac (or get a Mac if you want ot use the best Bible software out there) check out Accordance. Their targum, Qumran, and rabbinic modules, and really all of them, are great and they have an incredibly responsive development team. I think Ed did some of the editing and proofing of the modules.

The number of users who actually need this kind of material is relatively small, and since they are being used for scholarly research, the need for accuracy in these texts is high. In many cases, we have paid qualified scholars to clean up the tagging of texts which other developers have rushed to market, but which just aren’t up to our standards. If you do really need the Aramaic targums or some other ancient text for research purposes, you can rest assured that the Accordance version of that text is at least equal to, and typically much better than, equivalent texts in other programs.

(Via Accordance Blog.)

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