Comic Caption Contest: The Professor’s Office 7

This one might be a little more challenging and is not directly Bible related. So I thought I would specify that this is a professor’s office to keep it somewhat loosely connected to the general themes of my blog.


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7 thoughts on “Comic Caption Contest: The Professor’s Office

  • Joel

    I see that you have been recommend by many outstanding biblical scholars. Your statement of purpose is one of the best I have seen. You already have several works published and know several historical languages. You have traveled the world searching out ancient Greek manuscripts…but, do you blog?

  • Steve Brady

    I appreciate your command of the Hebrew language and the Rabbinical writings, but seriously–this is a Supply Chain class. Did you even THINK about writing about inventory? Or trucks? Or Customer Service? (Hey–neither did Wal*Mart!)

  • Chris Brady Post author

    You all are doing very well so far! I have to say when Joe’s comment showed up in my email I did not initially realize what he was commenting on. I thought “Hang on! When did I say Moses was a good Christian?”

    Steve’s very good as well… I hope we don’t end up with charges of nepotism.

  • rameumptom

    As a recently tenured professor, I have a new grading scheme. I randomly place the papers in 4 piles. They get “B’s”, “C’s”, “D’s” and “F’s”. Only this one paper in my hand will get an “A”.