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Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII

I neglected to link to John Hobbins’ Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII. John took a slightly different approach this time. It looks good to me! The format of this carnival is simple. I link to representative posts from a wide selection of blogs. The purpose: to introduce a bunch of bloggers to each other who will come, hopefully, to see for themselves what nastiness and spite or fulsome praise I inflict upon a post of theirs, […]

Canadian Scrolls Scholars Need to Get Out More

From a Canadian News Report. The title and a subsequent line in the article presumably (?) meant that it was the first such conference in Canada. (Although I recall a very nice SBL in Toronto not so long ago that featured several, if not all, of the scholars at this conference being reported.) The Canadian Press: Dead Sea Scrolls scholars meet for first time at international conference VANCOUVER – They’re awe-inspiring ancient manuscripts shrouded in […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XIX: Is Up On Biblische Ausbildung

The very well done Biblical Studies Carnival XIX is now up! Welcome, one and all, Step Right Up to Biblical Studies Blog Carnival 19. Thank you for the honor of hosting this month’s carnival here at Biblische Ausbildung. There are plenty of attractions here, so let’s hurry in… Be sure to find it over at Stephen Cooks’ Biblische Ausbildung.  

Vth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies

The schedule for the Vth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS) is now available! The conference will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 12-13 July 2007. If you are in the area please stop by! 🙂 I will probably post the abstracts later, at least mine, so please feel free to offer feedback. Thursday 12 July 8.45-13.00 Lecture Room Welcome and Greetings Keynote 9.00-10.30 Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman, Aramaic Branches Bursting into Leaves: Towards […]

Novum Testamentum Blog » Biblical Studies Carnival XVI

Over at Novum Testamentum Blog Brandon has done an outstanding job collating the Biblioblogging world’s latest thoughts and comments. And he even likes the name “Targuman!” Thanks Brandon. Novum Testamentum Blog A Weblog Dedicated to the New Testament and Cognate Fields 04.01.07 Biblical Studies Carnival XVI Posted in weblogs at 9:18 pm by Brandon Wason Welcome to Biblical Studies Carnival XVI, a highlight of blog posts on Biblical studies during the month of March 2007. […]

SBL Paper Proposals – Don’t forget Aramaic Studies

The following email should have arrived the other day to all SBL members. I also wanted specifically to remind folks about the Aramaic Studies Session. We hope to have two sections, one focusing upon Aramaic texts/issues relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Propose your paper now and avoid the rush! The Call for Papers for the SBL Annual Meeting is available on the SBL website at: New Program units have been added! The Call […]

SBL Call for Papers – Aramaic Studies

The call for papers for SBL and SBL International is now available. The Aramaic Studies session will have two open sessions, one focusing upon Aramaic from the Dead Sea Scrolls 2007 SBL Annual Meeting Call for Papers The 2007 Annual Meeting Call for Papers is available on the SBL website, or click here to go directly to the Call: Annual Meeting Call Deadline for paper proposals: March 1 (the Call closes at midnight February 28th). […]

The Open Scrolls Project

Peter Kirby posted this on the XTalk list. I am wondering what people think of this idea. I know that we (academics) often say how important it is to have information free and accessible, but the reality is our jobs (promotion, tenure) and the jobs of the supporting publication industries exist because of authored and controlled work. I would love to have, for myself and my students, free access to good translations and transcriptions of […]