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Best summary of the metal codices yet

I have been following this whole business of “more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls” discovery. As usual Jim Davila has been on top of it all and today provides the best summary I have yet read. RANDOM THOUGHTS on the fake metal codices. So just because one of the codices is a fake, does it mean they all are? Lets see. Some guy makes a major epigraphic discovery. So what does he do? He […]

Iran Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of the Jews – Jewish World – Israel News – Arutz Sheva

If this is true, it would indeed be a great loss. Iran Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of the Jews – Jewish World – Israel News – Arutz Sheva ( Iran is planning on submerging the tomb of King Cyrus (Coresh), the Persian King known for authorizing the Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Holy Temple. According to a report by Omedia, an Iranian organization is demanding that the […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII

I neglected to link to John Hobbins’ Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII. John took a slightly different approach this time. It looks good to me! The format of this carnival is simple. I link to representative posts from a wide selection of blogs. The purpose: to introduce a bunch of bloggers to each other who will come, hopefully, to see for themselves what nastiness and spite or fulsome praise I inflict upon a post of theirs, […]

SBL Meeting Schedule Published

This year’s SBL Schedule of session is now up! S19-54 Aramaic Studies 11/19/2007 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM Room: Anaheim – MM Michael Segal, Hebrew University of Jerusalem From Joseph to Daniel to Antiochus: The Literary Development of Daniel 2 (20 min) Discussion (10 min) Robert R. Phenix, Jr., Saint Louis University Investigation of Ezra 4:12 in Light of Syntax of Aramaic of Ezra (20 min) Discussion (10 min) Alejandro F. Botta, Southern Methodist University […]

Reports From the Vienna SBL

I have been delinquent in keeping up with these reports while trying to get back on top of work here in the office. Fortunately Jim is always on top of everything! (I meant nothing untoward by that! Get your head out of the gutter Chris Tilling.) Another Report From the Vienna SBL This one’s from Darrell Bock, who reports on the Historical Jesus session at which he presented. His comments about trends are pretty interesting, […]

New Genesis Text from the Judaean Desert

UPDATE: January 15, 2019 – On Twitter Årstein Justnes said that this fragment was one of the texts acquired by the Museum of the Bible shown to be a fake. Yes, it is one of the five (fake) MOTB frgs that were tested in Berlin in 2017: Gen 31:23–25?, 32:3–6 (DSS F.191) [picture at the front page in Tov, Davis and Duke 2016]; Lev 23:24–28 (DSS F.203); Num 8:3–5 (DSS F.194); Neh 2:13–16 (DSS F.201) […]

Herod’s Tomb Coverage

The discovery of Herod’s Tomb is making the news in a big way today. The site of Herodium has long been known and has been excavated since the 1970s. My favorite two headlines so far come from CT’s blog: King Herod Still Dead Haaretz updates report on tomb discovery. and Evil King Unearthed Hebrew University prof digs up King Herod the Great. OK. Jim West’s coverage is here: Herod’s Tomb: The Hebrew University Press Conference […]

Novum Testamentum Blog » Biblical Studies Carnival XVI

Over at Novum Testamentum Blog Brandon has done an outstanding job collating the Biblioblogging world’s latest thoughts and comments. And he even likes the name “Targuman!” Thanks Brandon. Novum Testamentum Blog A Weblog Dedicated to the New Testament and Cognate Fields 04.01.07 Biblical Studies Carnival XVI Posted in weblogs at 9:18 pm by Brandon Wason Welcome to Biblical Studies Carnival XVI, a highlight of blog posts on Biblical studies during the month of March 2007. […]

Skype: Very Cool, Podcasts Next?

My brother has finally convinced me to sign up for Skype. For those who do not know what this is in brief it allows you to use your computer, connected to a high speed network, to call other computers anywhere in the world for free and other (regular) phones for not much ($29.99 unlimited calls in the US and Canada for a year). If you have a MacBook, for example, you already have a mic […]