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My View on Archaeological Discoveries and Proofs of the Bible

I wrote this over three years ago now but I think it is still relevant. Please bear in mind that this was written for a very general audience (Christianity Today) so some of my generalizations are, well, pretty general. Oh, and the title is not mine. What Do the Stones Cry Out? – Christianity Today magazine – What Do the Stones Cry Out? Beware of claims that archaeology disproves—or proves—the Bible is true Christian […]

Witherington Reports: Zias says 10th Ossuary is blank.

From Ben Witherington’s blog: THE SMOKING GUN—TENTH TALPIOT OSSUARY PROVED TO BE BLANK Joe Zias is a fine archaeologist of long standing and good reputation. He is the person who catalogued the ten ossuaries from the Talpiot tomb, and personally catalogued the tenth ossuary. He worked with Amos Kloner as part of the team who made the original discovery. In two emails this morning to someone I have been talking to he made crystal clear […]

SBL Deadline Midnight – AAR Deadline Extended

The SBL Call for Papers deadline is still March 1 (midnight tonight!), and I encourage all Aramaists out there to propose a paper for our session! But AAR has extended their deadline to March 7th. Call for Papers Deadline Extended to March 7! The 2007 AAR Call for Papers deadline is extended from March 1 to Wednesday, March 7 at 11:59 pm EST. The Call for Papers is available online at Many program units […]

Biblioblog Tomb Roundup

In keeping with my laziness of merely pointing to other bloggers who have done more work on this, I will point readers to Tyler Williams’ excellent round up of the latest and greatest biblioblog discussions regarding the Talpiut tomb. The Jesus/Talpiot Tomb: Around the Blogosphere The hype surrounding the forthcoming documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus shows no signs of abating quite yet. The main website for the documentary and book has come on-line now […]

“Jesus’ Tomb”

I have been following this story, but I have not been blogging since I do not yet have anything to say. Jim has a number of good links below and like him I will wait until I can review all the evidence before commenting in any detail. The Talpiot Tomb News Conference This morning at 11 James Cameron and others involved in the soon to be aired “The Tomb of Jesus” held a news conference […]