Biblioblog Tomb Roundup

In keeping with my laziness of merely pointing to other bloggers who have done more work on this, I will point readers to Tyler Williams’ excellent round up of the latest and greatest biblioblog discussions regarding the Talpiut tomb.

The Jesus/Talpiot Tomb: Around the Blogosphere

The hype surrounding the forthcoming documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus shows no signs of abating quite yet. The main website for the documentary and book has come on-line now (last time I checked it just had a brief text message): The Lost Family Tomb of JesusThere is a lot of hype and knee-jerk reactions around the blogosphere, but there have also been some thoughtful responses as well. Here are a few that I think are worthy of reading:

Continuing reading for a great summary.

(Via Codex: Biblical Studies Blogspot.)

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