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Goodacre Rounds Up the Latest on the Talpiot Tomb

The title says it all. Talpiot Tomb Various There are several additional things that are worth mentioning on the Talpiot tomb story from recent days. Randy Ingermanson has uploaded a clear, detailed investigation of the statistics and the tomb, co-written with Jay Cost. Some will remember his earlier piece, Statistics and the “Jesus Family Tomb”. This piece builds on that one and takes it to a whole new level of thought and detail, though with […]

Update on Chevron and Circle Tomb Theory

Kirk Kilpatrick emailed me to let me know that he updated his theory regarding the chevron and circle on the so-called “Jesus tomb.” Temple of Augustus or Temple of the LORD? Upon further reflection and additional research, I believe that another possibility should be considered: The Temple of Augustus. The coin of Herod Philip II (see examples of coins catalogued as Hendin 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 538, 539, etc.) struck at Caesarea Philippi shown […]

The Numbers Guy on the Jesus Tomb Stats

The Numbers Guy Carl Bialik examines the way numbers are used, and abused. March 8, 2007, 10:08 pm The Lost Tomb of Jesus? My column this week explores the controversy over an estimate of the probability that a tomb found in Jerusalem contains the remains of the family of Jesus of Nazareth. Makers of a television documentary about the tomb asked a statistician to make the calculation, and presented his finding — that there is […]

Craig Evans on the “Tomb of Jesus”

Craig Evans has posted an updated guest blog at Deinde on the Talpiot tomb. It is the best concise summary of the problems I have read so far and the update even includes reference to Dr. Kirkland’s interpretation of the chevron and circle. The Tomb of Jesus and Family? Second Thoughts Craig A. Evans Acadia Divinity College The new interpretation of the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem that has been put forth by Simcha Jacobovici and […]

The Chevron & Circle on “Jesus’” Tomb

I stumbled across this today. I nice bit of work showing a far more likely explanation of the marks on the tomb that Jacobovici has been “documenting.” This is from a blog that is new to me, EVIDENCE by R. Kirk Kilpatrick, Ph.D. In a previous post I mentioned the possibility that the symbols that are being used in such a sensational way on the official “Jesus Tomb” website ( –just as they were used […]

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Critical Look” – Live Blog

Ted Koppel moderating with Simcha Jacobovici, James Tabor, William Dever, and Jonathon Reed. Koppel begins by asking why they only choose the Mariamne and Jesus ossuaries for the DNA evidence. SJ’s reply is that we just didn’t push the science that far (see also NYTimes in Feb. 27, 2007) and Koppel is pushing him… Dever is addressed now and states he has “no dog in this fight.” But he has issues with the film because […]

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus” – Goodacre’s Live Blog (and my own)

{I did not mean to do a live blog myself, but after writing many paragraphs and it is 10:40 pm I guess I have indeed made my own. Mark’s is still better so be sure to go to his site. } I missed the first few minutes (any other parents fall asleep while putting your children to bed?) but Mark Goodacre has a blog-by-blow blog going. This is another busy week, but I will try […]

An Analysis of Feuerverger’s Odds on the Tomb

UPDATE: Feuererger responds here. Mark Goodacre of the NT Gateway Weblog posts a letter from Dr. D’Mello clarifying (and problematizing) the odds calculated by Dr. Feuerverger regarding the Talpiot Tomb. I have added a few snippets of it here, but be sure to read it all at Mark’s site and the pdf linked therein. ———————— The correct interpretation of Dr. Andrey Feuerverger’s 1:600 odds calculationJoe D’Mello There has been plenty of discussion focused on the […]