Update on Chevron and Circle Tomb Theory

Kirk Kilpatrick emailed me to let me know that he updated his theory regarding the chevron and circle on the so-called “Jesus tomb.”
Temple of Augustus or Temple of the LORD?

Upon further reflection and additional research, I believe that another possibility should be considered:

The Temple of Augustus. The coin of Herod Philip II (see examples of coins catalogued as Hendin 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 538, 539, etc.) struck at Caesarea Philippi shown above and in the last entry of this blog is almost universally associated with the Temple of Augustus in his territory by numismatists (Meshorer, 76-77; Roller, 191). See Hendin 530 where the shield feature is enlarged (here). It is thought that the temple appeared in this way at Sebaste as a tetrastyle (four columned) temple (though possibly enlarged at some point to be peristyle–six columned across the front and surrounded by columns).

Be sure to read it all!


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