The Chevron & Circle on “Jesus’” Tomb

I stumbled across this today. I nice bit of work showing a far more likely explanation of theCoin of Philip (British Museum) marks on the tomb that Jacobovici has been “documenting.” This is from a blog that is new to me, EVIDENCE by R. Kirk Kilpatrick, Ph.D.

In a previous post I mentioned the possibility that the symbols that are being used in such a sensational way on the official “Jesus Tomb” website ( –just as they were used in the “documentary” — might not be early Christian symbols at all.

On the coins above (Herod Phillip) a “chevron and circle” pattern is clearly visible as a depiction of the facade of the Nicanor gate of the Temple of God in Jerusalem. The Nicanor gate marked the end of a pilgrimage. The last fifteen steps are still marked by the “Psalms of Ascent,” or better, “the Psalms of the ascending ones.” The entrance to the tomb also marked the end of a pilgrimage.

(Emphasis is his.) This makes a lot of sense to me. It does not identify who was interred in the tomb, but it does strongly suggest not the Knights Templar, but rather those for whom Jerusalem and the Temple (or even death) was the goal of their journey.


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