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The Chevron & Circle on “Jesus’” Tomb

I stumbled across this today. I nice bit of work showing a far more likely explanation of the marks on the tomb that Jacobovici has been “documenting.” This is from a blog that is new to me, EVIDENCE by R. Kirk Kilpatrick, Ph.D. In a previous post I mentioned the possibility that the symbols that are being used in such a sensational way on the official “Jesus Tomb” website (http://www.jesusfamilytomb.com/) –just as they were used […]

Ehrman @ PSU

Last night Bart Ehrman gave the Luther H. Harshbarger Lecture in memorium Bill Petersen. It was very nice to hear his lecture in person and I had a chance to have a drink with him after the talk. But I thought Targumistas might like a short review/commentary on the talk. The talk was a summary of his Misquoting Jesus retitled in honor of Bill Petersen, Lost in Transmission. (This was also Ehrman’s preferred title. The […]